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Light a CANDLE in honour of our MOMS

Here are 10 things your mother never told you….. You made her cry….a lot! She wanted the last piece of pie It hurt She was always afraid She knows she’s not perfect She watched you as you slept She carried you a lot longer than 9 months It broke her heart every time you cried […]

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Chakra shake up!

Are you needing to align your shakey Chakras? The meaning of Chakra is the subtle energy centers that align with the central channel. Get in tune with your Chakras today and light up your Chakra colour candles. They provide subtle energies to functions of the body’s organs, mind and intellect. This has combined therapy with […]

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Make your home your SANCTUARY with Candles

Make your HOME your SANCTUARY with Candles

Candles aren’t just for occasions but also a wonderful way to bring a fresh new atmosphere into your home. Whether it’s candles in a new colour scheme, a new scented candle, lanterns for your outdoor spaces, or exciting new candle holders – we have something for every home.  While we are all spending a lot […]

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