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WoodWick Candle Jar


As the name explains, this fragranced candle features natural wooden wicks that create the soothing sound of a crackling fire for a unique ambiance. This exclusive, patented design delivers fast fragrance by creating a melted pool of highly fragranced wax.

A newer name to the SA market, this American brand is part of the Yankee Candle family.

Medium Jar: +- 65 hours

Large Jar: +- 120 hours

Vanilla Bean: Relax with the warm, natural scent of pure vanilla bean.
At The Beach: Escape to the beach with the summary scents of tropical citrus, creamy coconut and cool sea breezes.
White Tea & Jasmine: Pure white tea with a hint of jasmine gently blends with scents of red cedar and rose.
Sea Salt & Cotton: The relaxing scent of a salty ocean breeze with an undertone of soft cotton and light woods.
Lemongrass & Lily: Green, floral scents are complemented by subtle hints of sweet lemon and grapefruit for a refreshing, herbal experience.

At the Beach +
White Tea & Jasmine +
Seasalt & Cotton +
Lemongrass & Lilly +
Vanilla Bean +

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