Free Delivery for Orders Over R1000 anywhere within South Africa


Free Delivery for Orders Over R1000 anywhere within South Africa

Gifts Under R150 – Dinner Taper 25cm Colour + Dual Holder + Mini Votive Colour + QFlair Glass Colour

From R60.00

This gift combo includes 2 options:

  • Use the Dinner Taper 25cm with the Dual Holder (added bonus: turn the Dual Holder upside down for use with a tealight for an alternative look)
  • Use the Mini Votive Colour inside the Qflair Glass Colour

Dinner Taper 25cm Candle Assorted Colours

Base Diameter 2.2cm x Height 25cm ± 9 hours approximate burning time (if burned in draft-free conditions) Colours:
  • Black:
  • Grey
  • Mocha/ Dusty Pink:
  • Wine Red/Burgundy
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Peach *NEW*
  • Yellow
  • Cream
  • Lime Green
  • Dark Green
  • Mint Green *NEW*
  • Sage Green *NEW*
  • Turquoise Blue
  • Navy Blue
  • Baby Blue *NEW*
  • Purple
  • Lilac *NEW*
  • Cerise Pink
  • Light Pink
NOTE: our colour stock is overdipped (not solid through-colour)

Mini Votive Assorted Colours

Gives a bigger flame than a regular small tealight. Recommend it to be burned in a tealight holder or votive holder. *handy tip* place a little water in the base of candle holder before inserting candle - this helps with cleaning the wax out of the glass. Diameter 3.8cm x Height 3.8cm Burning Time: +/- 6hr. (If burned in draft-free conditions)

Qflair Glass Assorted Colours

Classically chic, this little tealight holder won't look out of place in a formal or casual setting. A cluster of qflairs creates a fairy light effect. Base Diameter 4.5cm/Top Diameter 6.4cm x Height 4.4cm

Dual Holder (Dinner Candle and Tealight)

R44.60 R22.30
*WINTER SPECIAL* This clever candle holder is for use one way with small tealights, and turn it upside down and it becomes a dinner candle holder (hence the name "dual holder" for its multi-functionality). With the vibrant choice of colour, add a splash of fun to your table setting and decor.  Create a display of different candle heights with several Dual Holders  - some with tealights and others with dinner candles.
  • Top Diameter: 8.8cm (with insert/inner diameter of 5.6cm for small tealight)
  • Bottom Diameter: 5.8cm (with insert/inner diameter of 2.2cm for dinner candle)
  • Height 5.6cm
  • Available colours:
    • Chocolate Brown
    • Cerise Pink
    • Orange
    • Kiwi Green
    • Yellow
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