What makes your home a sanctuary? Home is where everything is happening, it is your office space, your restaurant, your special occasions venue, (in some cases your children’s school) and your place for solitude – so how do we make it even more inviting and exciting while we all stay home more than ever before?….WITH CANDLELIGHT!

CANDLES have a magical way of enhancing the atmosphere in your home. They bring warmth and light (without spending more on electricity) and a sense of calm and relaxation...PLUS, it can transform your home into the ultimate venue for your celebrations and special occasions – dinners, parties ,romance…the possibilities are endless and we have an extensive range to choose from. 

Here are some tips on how to use CANDLES in your homes to bring in warmth, light and that touch of elegance and magic – here are some ideas…. 

Lanterns: Texture adds warmth, our beautiful Metal Lantern Large acts as a perforated light box and is perfect for inside or outside use. 

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Dinner Candles: Enhance dinner time with the family by lighting dinner candles, creating an intimate setting for you and your family to share stories about your day. 

Shop our range of dinner candle holders.

Fireplace (with candles): No fireplace? No problem! Our exquisite Metal 5-Chimney Candle Holder creates the feeling of a fireplace without any of the hassle that a fireplace has.

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Tealights: Tealights are the new fairy lights! Group them or spread them out – this is an economical way to create lots of candlelight – PLUS did you know we stock tealights in small and large size and in various burning hours? 

Take a look at our extensive range of tealights.

Give at least one of these ideas a go and you will feel the atmosphere in your home change…just by adding a little candlelight.

A common theme in all South African homes is the one of “Hope” in this ever-changing world . Let’s fill our homes with candles and light the flames of hope to stand together as South Africans who can rebuild a better South Africa for us all. 


Candle industry knowledge (since 1965), quality and an extensive range that is readily available  – The Martins Family & The Candle Merchant teams will go the extra mile for you.


The Candle Merchant – We light up with candles!

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